Sustainability is at the core of our business. We are committed to managing hazardous waste in a way that protects the environment, promotes social responsibility, and contributes to the long-term economic growth of our community.

“Integrated” means we offer a complete hazardous waste management solution. From collection, transportation, treatment, to final disposal, we provide end-to-end services that ensure the safe and efficient handling of medical and hazardous waste.

“Full Traceability” means we provide complete documentation and tracking of hazardous waste from the point of origin to the point of disposal. Our rigorous traceability system ensures full compliance with local and international regulations.

About Us

PPSLB3 stands for Pusat Pengelolaan Sampah dan Limbah Bahan Beracun dan berbahaya B3) which is operated by PT. Jatim Jaya Pratama (J/V JMJ-PJL); it is a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) and a Joint Venture (JV) between PT. Jatim Maju Jaya (Private) and PT. Pratama Jatim Lestari (BUMD) and we are the appointed operator for all PPSLB3 activity.

PT. Jatim Jaya Pratama – Integrated Hazardous and Medical and Hazardous Waste Management company is a strategic business unit that is based in Desa Cendoro, Kecamatan Dawarblandong, Kabupaten Mojokerto, East Java Province – Indonesia. We are in the business to provide hazardous and medical waste collection and treatment services, and we operate integrated waste treatment or disposal facilities, including waste incinerator plants. We will provide daily services all around Indonesia. 


Our Integrated Hazardous Waste Services:

Medical Waste Incinerator

Fly Ash Bottom Ash Utilization

Hazardous Waste Collection

Liquid Waste Treatment Plant

Environmental Laboratory

Stabsol and Landfill

What We Offer ?

Phase 1: In the Area of 5 Hectares, we develop Hazardous Waste Collection. Medical and Industrial Waste Treatment using Advance Thermal Incineration Unit with capacity of 500 kg / hours. Liquid Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) for Industrial with Capacity of 140 m3/day using Advance and Latest Technology. Brick and Paving Block from Utilization of Hazardous Waste such as Fly Ash and Bottom Ash. Solidification and Stabilization of Hazardous Waste. Sanitary Landfill Class 1 and 2. Contaminated Drum and Container Decontamination Cleaning and Washing. We have our internal environmental laboratory which will undergoes to ISO 17025 certification.

Phase 2: Development for 45 hectares which will able to serve Integrated Waste Management such as: Environmental Laboratory, Fuel Blending Plant and Alternative Fuel and Alternative Material (AFAM), Recycling of Used Solvent, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Smelter, Recycle of Accu Battery and Electronic Waste, Recycle of Spent Catalyst Waste, Recycling of Plastic and Paper Waste (Non B3). Our integrated environmental laboratory which already undergoes and achieve ISO 17025 certification is ready to serve external customers during this phase.

Phase 3: Development of Waste to Energy (WtE) plant.

PPSLB3 Site Plant Location:

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